Purple Tutu

What I wore to Secret Fresh x Bench and Nivea event with my sister. Hope you like it <3 

Collar: BUBBLES (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bubbles/171346199545562)

Headband: PINKBOX (http://www.facebook.com/Pinkboxaccessories)

got to meet the very friendly, Lucy Hale

with Tracy! missed you! <3

with my sister Vern (www.vernenciso.com) <3

at Skye Bar for Nivea Event


Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 

1. Anonymous asked you:

Verniece, how long did it take for you to grow your hair that long? Years?

             I’m not sure but i think one year? :D just had trimmings 


2. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Verniece! I just want to get some ideas about what to wear on a party if the theme is Vintage or the 70s. THANK YOU! By the way, keep up with your very cute blog!!!!!

              Hi!! Try     this: http://vernieceenciso.tumblr.com/post/14973229245#disqus_thread Hope you like it! Thank you so much!! <3 


3. flawedlittleperfections asked you:

Hi there :) What’s your hairstyle? ;) My little sister wants to be like you when she grows up :) You’re so pretty ate ;) God bless. Ps. Stay Pretty. xx, Ayah <3

             Awww, that’s so sweet <3 thank you so so much!! I’m really flattered!! <3 


4. Anonymous asked you:

Hi ate! How old are you?

               I’m 17 po :D 

5. theharleyquinn asked you:

Hi Barbie! Dropped by your blog, you’re stunning! Miss you. See you around. <3-Val

           Thank you so much Val!! hope to see you more around <3 

6. Anonymous asked you:

Can you post more pictures please :) More outfits!!! I really like you VERN, you’re so GORGEOUS! :* And please can you post make up tutorials and i just wanna ask if what treatment did your hair undergo? Ang ganda kasi po ng curlssss!! :>

              Aww, you’re so sweet! Hope you leave your name next time :D sure!! thank you so so much sweetie<3 

6. Anonymous asked you:

hi verniece! great pics. i just wanna know if the “kevin as your boyfriend” rumor true? i know someone connected to him, and he is indeed telling us that he is your boyfriend. im a fan and concerned! <3

               Thank you so much! :) No po, i don’t even know him :( 

7. twenty-firstcenturygirl asked you:

Hi Ate Verniece! :) Where can i see photos of you wearing a cocktail dress? :) I love how you dress :>

            I’ll be posting what I wore yesterday, check it out later and hope you’ll like it:) thank you so much!! :D  

8. Anonymous asked you:

Where did you buy you green cover up? it’s so cute <3

              It’s from Hong Kong! Thank you so much!!:D 


9. Anonymous asked you:

where do you buy your hair accessories? they’re so cute!

           They’re all from PINKBOX (Www.pinkbox.ph) <3 

10. Anonymous asked you:

can you do a tutorial on how to wear and style the clip-in bangs??? looking forward to it

                  Sure!! :) 


11. sikengii asked you:

HI VERNIECE. Im kengy! :) I always look at your fb acc, your blog, your twitter. Im 100% sure you dont remember me, we skate together at South Mall :( that’s the saddest part we have a picture together but my dad lost it. :( I wish i can meet you again. Stay pretty & sweet. Loveyou verniece!

              Hi!! Aww you’re so sweet <3 thank you so so much!! Ofcourse! See you soon then!! <3 



12. Anonymous asked you:

Hi te verinece! tagaAteneo po ba kayo o tagaLasalle? hehe curious. Anong year niyo na din po at course? Thanks po ate verniecee!

           Lasalle Benilde po :)  first year, MMA po :) 


13. jenniesantiago asked you:

Hello Vernice! you are soo pretty! ask ko lang if saan mo usually binibili mga dress mo?? super cute kasi =)

                Hi! aww so sweeeet<3 salamat po!!:) 


14.                 http://annrivera.com/

your so pretty talaga. ikaw na ang dyosa!  

             awww salamat po!! <3 

15. belliekitkat21 asked you:

Ate Verniece, thanks for posting some pictures & details about your prom dresses. My prom dress this year was inspired by yours.  

          Aww that’s so sweet! Please send me photo of you wearing the dress, i would love to see it <3 

16. Anonymous asked you:

Verniece, youre so pretty and mukha kang mabait? :D Youre boyfriend is very lucky haha

           Salamat po! :D i don’t have a boyfriend po :) 


17. Anonymous asked you:

Hi ate verniece :) I just wanna ask, where did you bought your gown on your 3rd year prom? :) Thanks a lot. I adoooooooooore you. :”> -xoxo, dorin patricia <3

                Hi!! :) I had it made!! :) So sweet thank you so much <3 <3 


18. sikengii asked you:

hi verneice how are you? i know you do not remember me anymore, we have met before 5 yrs ago i think, in south mall. im here in tacloban this summer im going back to manila, i wish you’ll still remember me when i saw you in south mall you were ice skating so was i with my cousins. we talk alot there, i just suddenly lost our picture :( stay pretty & sweet. miss you verniece! love you :*

              awww, so sweeeet <3 let’s just have another picture next time again :D 


19. cheskathalia asked you:

Hi po ate Verniece! I really really love your & ate Vern’s sense of style. I just want to say that I really adore you both :’> Good day po and God bless =))

                  Hi!! :) So sweet!! thank you so much!! <3 

Light Pink Blazer

Ribbon Clip (blazer): PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com.ph)

Shoes: CMG


This is what I wore to the Faceshop Event with my sister Vern (www.vernenciso.com) Hope you like it! <3 

my pretty sister, Vern Enciso (www.vernenciso.com

Twins? :p 

Pinkbox: HairTips 1 

Here are some hair tips you can do for school using PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com.ph) Hope you like it! <3 

Here are some of Pinkbox cute cute accessories! Thank you so much Pinkbox <3 

Pinkbox’s… Pretty Laces! 

Yes they are shoelaces but we can use it for fashion. Here are three tips of using the pretty laces. 

ONE: Braid 



It’s now in stores so visit and get yourself one in PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com.ph

Love Month <3 

Ribbonband: PINKBOX (http://www.facebook.com/Pinkboxaccessories

CHICK FLICK Photoshoot

      Here are some BTS photos from the ChickFlick Shop photoshoot earlier! They’ll be launching their website next week! So watch out for their fabulous items! Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, just using G12. Hope you like it! <3 

Some of their very pretty shoes and accessories <3 

The very kind and fabulous owners of ChickFlick, Ms. Rej and Ms. Kat! <3 Thank you so so much! <3 

And the whole team! <3 It was really nice working with you all, i really had fun! Thank you so so much! can’t wait for the outcome <3 

For now, check out some of their pretty items, here: www.chickflick.ph <3 


Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 

1. missashleykristinaasked you:

Hi pretty, I love the way you dress up. You’re just like a doll. You and your sister are just like twins ^_______^ Hope we can be friends.

Aww, thank you so so much! :D Ofcourse we can! :)

2. lhaidumaboc asked you:

Hello Verniece :) How are you? I love ur blog and all the things you share here on tumblr. Keep safe :))

Thank you so much!! I’m great, hope you are too! :)

3. twenty-firstcenturygirlasked you:

Do you have a Pink Cocktail Dress? :) Can i see some photos of you have. Thanks! btw, you’re so prettyyyyy!

Sure! :) awww, Thank you so much! :)

4. Anonymous asked you:

Saan niyo po pinagawa yung prom dress niyo? :) Who’s the designer?

My mom’s friend po :)

5. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Verniece, I always look up to your blog because your style is very cute and girly. <3 I hope you will also put where you bought the clothes/accessories you are wearing in every post you make. God bless and stay pretty! :)

Aww, so sweet! thank you thank you so much! :) Sure!! :) take care always! :)

6. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Verniece, I really adore your fashion style especially the one you wore during the Coke-Bench Fashion Show that you and your sister attended. I would just like to ask where did you bought your red dress and white jacket? Thank you! :)

Aww, thank you so so much!! :) I bought it The Ramp :)

7. cheesewanders asked you:

I saw you yesterday at the CokeBench Fashion Show. You really are pretty just like your sister. Did not have a chance to talk to you tho. :| I spotted you talking to a fan (Not sure) who took a photo with you. God bless. Stay pretty!

Thank you so so much!! :) You should have said hi!! :) Take care always:)

8. http://kittinemayo.tumblr.com/

Hi Ate Verniece! Do you know Coach Kat? :) And I Adore you! I’m lovin’ you’re style so much like i wanna copy it! Any suggestions for a style? I don’t know what to wear for some event or for a ordinary day lng. :) Hoping for a reply! I Love you! :* <3


Aww so sweet thank you so so much!! <3 Posted more photos, you can just get some ideas from there!! :) Take care always!! <3 

9. Anonymous asked you:

hi! do you wear clip on bangs? cute kasi ng bangs mo e but i noticed na you don’t have bangs in all of your pics :)

Yes, thanks to Elswear! <3

10. lovelymunez93 asked you:

how did you buy H&M shoes?

From Hong Kong po :)

11. Anonymous asked you:

were your bangs clip ons? where did you bought it?

Thanks to Elswear Online Shop:)

12. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Verniece! I really loved your prom dress. So elegant ang catchy. As for that, I also made my gown a feather-y one for prom! Hihi <3 Stay pretty and cutiepatootie!

So sweet! Thank you so so much!! <3 <3 

13. ranneydanac asked you:

Hi Ate Verniece! :) I’m Ryan Danac’s sister. I’ve always wanted to meet you or talk to you. But my brother won’t let me. Hahaha! I super admire you! Stay pretty, simple and humble :) Take care! xx

Hi Ryan’s sister!! aww, so sweet thank you so much!! You should tell your brother to bring you in our school so i can meet you!! <3

14. matchmakerme asked you:

Hi Verniece! I love your looks. :) You look good in skirt, cute/plain tops and wedges/heels or flats. Oh I think I saw the Blair Waldorf(Gossip Girl) of the Philippines, and SHE’S YOU! You’re alike in style on the first few seasons of Gossip Girl. I love to see you pull our Blair Waldorf’s look. Loves! >:D<

Hi!! :) You’re so sweeeet! Thank you so so much!! <3 <3

15. Anonymous asked you:

hi, thank you for answering my question about the blazer. i really love your blog. :) i would like to ask one more thing, do you think blazers are good investments? what style would you recommend wearing it? thank you! :)

Thank you so much! :D yes they are, you can wear it with a dress under or simply shorts/skirt and a cute top! <3 

16. Anonymous asked you:

Hi! You have a very cute style.. I so love it! And by the way, you’re very pretty! May I ask how old are you now? :))) Thanks! You are now one of my favorite and “fashion-spiration” bloggers.. :)))

Hi!! :) so sweet! thank you so so much!! :) I’m 17 years old :D



Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 

1. pajeeroasked you:

Hi Ate Verniece! :D How are you? I miss talking to youu. :D Oh, just dropping by your askbox! I hope you still remember me :D Byee

                                  Hi!! aww so sweet <3 

2. michcandelariaasked you:

I can’t stop string at your photos barbie doll! :) You’re so pretty! :)

                                  So sweeeeeet! thank you so so much <3 

3. bsomtkasked you:

nice page =)

                                  Thank you!! :) 

4. unspokenwordsofagirlasked you:

Ate Verniece! You’re so pretty. :)

                                 You’re so sweet! thank you!!:) 

5. kaputminxasked you:

room mo talaga yan? :)

                                       Yes po :) 

6. Anonymous asked you:

do you have a boyfriend? :))

                                        No po :) 

7. fizzlebangasked you:

I’m loving your blog! <3 btw can I ask, was Coach Randy Maturan your coach before or not? I used to have skating lessons with him eh :) haha!

                              Aww thank you!!:) No but he was our coach friend! :) 

8. Anonymous asked you:

Hello Verniece. I love the pink shoes you wore during the KPOP theme shoot. What brand is that? Hope you can help me. Thanks!

                                 I got it from an online shop :D 

9. Anonymous asked you:

you’re so amazing! i love you ate vern! :))

                                Please leave your name sweetie <3 so sweet <3  

10. princessgalangasked you:

hi:)) ur so beautiful and talented:)) always takecare:)

                                 and you’re so sweet! thank you so much:) 

11. ramjovipadillaasked you:

Hi Verniece! I always see you at the SDA and SM Ice Rink. Well, I’m a supporter of “On Thin Ice” though, can’t wait to watch it. I skate too as well :D

                              You should say hi!! thank you so much :D :D 

12. Anonymous asked you:

Will we be able to watch your movie on theaters? Well, hopefully we can! :)

                              I’m not yet sure but i’ll update you!! :) 

 13. trishaduncanasked you:

hi! read that you have a blog on your sister’s page. didn’t know that you’re a skater too!! awesome! :D 

i’d love to watch this short film you’re making with James Reid. when will it be premiered, and where can I watch it? so excited!!! :D

oh, and cool pair of skates by the way. :D

                     Hi!! I’m not yet sure but i’ll update you!! Thank you so much!! :) 

  14. Anonymous asked you:

Omg! You looked so much like your sister on the first photo!! Good luck with shooting! :)

                       Really? Thank you so much :D 

15. Anonymous asked you:

heyheyheyhey :)

                                     hey! :) 

16. Anonymous asked you:

How many skating shoes you have? 
Curiosity kills. :))

                               I have 3 po now :D  

17. laughingdonna asked you:

Hello. I added you on FB please accept mo ;)

                              sure po! :) 

Green Long Dress

Flower clip: Forever21 

Black and White Stripes

Shoes: Aldo 

This is one of the outfits I wore to a shoot earlier for Freestyle Necklace! Their new collection will be out next week! Here’s a BTS photo from earlier: 

Me and my sister (www.vernenciso.comMatching as always <3 Watch out for Freestyle Necklaces (http://www.facebook.com/FreestyleNecklaces

Pearls Headband

Matching <3 

gif maker

             Verniece Enciso (www.vernieceenciso.tumblr.com)

                      and Vern Enciso (www.vernenciso.com

Pink Polka Dots

Shoes: SO FAB


          Since Prom season is coming up, just want to share some photos of my gowns from my highschool proms! :) My apologies for the quality of the photos, just chose the ones that show the gowns. You can get ideas for your gowns, if you like it! :) 

Me and My sister wore my gowns during the Philippine Fashion Ball 2011 




Don’t forget to have fun and smile! Enjoy everyone <3


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Email me: Verniece@yahoo.com or verniece_enciso@yahoo.com

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