The other 11 lovely people who sent me their designs. I’ll post the others tomorrow or later. Keep sending your designs at: verniece@yahoo.com 

I’ll be choosing two weeks from now :p Thank you so much <3 

31. Stephanie Pastrana 

32. Kat Valdez

33. Renee Taladua 

34. Trish Munez 

35. Marjory Varias 

36. Ara Capalungan 

37. Nickai Edria 

38. Crystal Paner 

39. Bea Barros 

40. Reena Medina 

41. Micheala Paglinawan 

Aqua Blue Stripes

This is what I wore to school yesterday! hope you like it <3 

Blazer & Top: Kids of Bayo 

and! please design my tumblr header <3 here are the detailshttp://vernieceenciso.tumblr.com/post/18306752741/wanted-header#disqus_thread:)


Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3

1. Anonymous asked you:

where do you buy skirts like the one in pink socks

       The Ramp :D 

                    2. Anonymous asked you:

Hell Ms. Vern! You’re soooo pretty. Where do you get your skirts and the pink socks? All are really pretty.

        Thank you so much! :D I get skirts from Kids of Bayo or The Ramp. The pink socks are from Forever21!:) 


3. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Ate Verniece! Ano pong shoes yung sinuot niyo sa Ateneo Grad Ball? What color/kind of shoes po? :) Bagay din po ba ang silver pumps sa white cocktail dress? Thank you so much! Ang helpful po ng blog mo for people who also likes fashion. Stay awesome!

         Yes! :D I wore silver pumps po :D Thank you so much <3 


4. youngwildestdreamer asked you:

You are a living doll! Super pretty! <3

          Aww, you’re so sweet!! thank you so much<3


5. callmecham asked you:

do you curl your hair everyday?

          No po :D


6. Anonymous asked you:

what’s your course?

          Multimedia Arts :D 


7. thutzrevelation asked you:

I can just stay here forever, in your blog :”)

          awwwww so sweet<3 


8. showmewhatrealloveis asked you:

Hi miss verniece! :> I just want to ask, what will your blog title be? I want to join your header contest. Thank you :)

           Verniece Enciso yay, can’t wait to see your design!:) 


9. trishielovesxo asked you:

hi vern, can you please show us the interior of your room :) im just so interested :D its so girly and glam for sure. :) follow me back pls!

           awww thank you so much! :D some pictures are in the barbie shoot! :D


10. youmebookbednow asked you:

Hi Vernie. Where would it be easier to contact you, here or through email? :) I was hoping to ask some stuff.

            sure! it’s verniece@yahoo.com :) 


11. kaka-baliw asked you:

can you suggest an interesting theme for our show about children’s literature. will be doing hand mime, shadow dance, narration and a lot more. this is for our finals. THANKS MUCHO!

               what about something like carnival? :D 


12. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Ate Verniece! Ano pong brand yung sinuot nyo nung concert ni Avril? The jacket and the dress? And saan branch nyo po nabili? Thank you! Ganda mo po talaga! :)

                The Ramp po:) thank you so much! :) 


13. voguesheep asked you:

Hi!! Wehre’d you buy your dress for your Nautica post? :D I love iitttt

                My sister got it for me in Bangkok :D thank you!:) 


14. theffreak asked you:

When is the deadline for the Header-making contest?:) thank you.:)

         two weeks from now! :D 


15. Anonymous asked you:

Hi, verniece. I would like to ask, is your hair permed or do you curl it everyday? Thanks! :) You’re so pretty. <3

          It’s permed! just curling it in events :D thank you so much!!:) 


16. missashleykristina asked you:

Hi miss verniece. I just want to ask if what skin care do you use, and make up products. because you’re so pretty and I envy you :(((

             please don’t! you’re so sweet, thank you so much! :D Make up is mac po :D 


17. itsamandaparedes asked you:

Hello! Until when can we submit a header? I’m planning to make one :)

             two weeks from now! :D 

18. toastedpancake asked you:

Hi! I sent you my header entries. :)) Take care! XO <3

             yay thank you! <3 


19. lovinghimandcandies asked you:

who did you hair asnd make up during your prom :)

            Tony and Jackey salon:) 

20. Anonymous asked you:

Where are you studying right now? Are you in college? If so, what course are you taking up?

             Lasalle Benilde. Multimedia arts! :D    


21. theffreak asked you:

When is the deadline for the Header-making contest?:) Thank you.:)

             Two weeks from now! :D 



Aidx Paredes: Sister Act

Here are more pictures and the orignal post: http://aidxparedes.com/post/18786985327/sister-act 

Thank you so so much Aidx (http://aidxparedes.com/)!! <3 Can’t wait for the Davao trip!! We’ll be there by March 23 all because of SOUL (http://www.facebook.com/SOULLifestyle) <3 So excited!! :) 

get to know me more :D 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Verniecenciso

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vernieceenciso & http://www.facebook.com/verniecenciso 

Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/verniecenciso

Email: Verniece@yahoo.com & verniece_enciso@yahoo.com 


Some photos from the Sperry Top Sider Yacht event! Hope you like it! <3 

Haha :D

with my pretty sister Vern (www.vernenciso.com)

won the best nautica outfit too! yay! :D Thank you so much Sperry Top-Sider to Ms. Katrina and Ms. Michelle! :D


The other 10 lovely people who sent me their designs. This is just the first week and it’s hard to choose already. Keep sending your designs at: verniece@yahoo.com 

I’ll be choosing two weeks from now so keep sending :p Thank you so much <3 

11. Renee Taladua 

12. Valerie Jiongco 

13. Trixia Cruz 

14. Stephanie Pastrana 

15. Joemar Redillas 

16. Jane Sotelo 

17. Aijeleth Rances 

19. Marjory Varias 

20. Amanda Paredes 


Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3

                 1. beaatch asked you:

                I LOVES YOUUUUUUU!

                            Love you too <3 

2. Anonymous asked you:

Hi po! Ang ganda nyo po super parang doll, Ano po gngmit nyo para MACURL hair nyo, ang ganda po kc eh!! Idol. Stay sweet. Sana po magreply kayo! :) xo

            Awww you’re so sweet! salamat po ng marami!! <3 <3 


3. danatheloveholic asked you:

hi there, i envy your hair. how do you maintain it? :)

             Hi! aww just remember to wash it everyday and comb 1000x everyday :D 


4. Anonymous asked you:

Hello Ate Verniece! You’re so pretty!! I’m a fan of you po :) I just want to ask po kung how much yung silver na pumps from people are people, yung sa SM Accessories pong blog. And tatanong ko din po kung ano pong bagay na shoes or other accessories sa white cocktail dress. Thank you so much!! Take Care always! :)

              Awww you’re so sweet! thank you so much <3 I just got it for 1300 po. You can pair it with either black or white so it’s classy and simple :D you can also be edgy by wearing colored shoes! Take care always!! <3 


5. Anonymous asked you:

Where did you get your perm?

              Tony and Jackey :) 


6. flawedlittleperfections asked you:

Hi verniece :) Whats the size ? Of the header?

               Any! It’s up to you :D 

7. gets asked you:

Hi Verniece! I love your outfit posts here, they’re very beautiful! :D I just want to ask also, where did you get the shoes you were wearing on “Secret Fresh x Bench and Nivea” event? They’re lovely! <3 Many thanks! -Dona :)

                 Hi!! you’re so sweet! thank you so so much <3 I got it from SO FAB! <3 


8. xclairexx asked you:

Vernice, I’ve e-mailed you a banner suggestion, but I got a typo, let me send you another one. :) -CLAIRE.  

                yay! :D


9. thehippieproject asked you:

Hi! I e-mailed you sample banners and a watermark :)

               yay! :D 


10. Anonymous asked you:

How big should the header be? :) - D.

               Any, it’s up to you! :D 


11. Anonymous asked you:

Hi verniece, i really love your style. I also noticed that you have so many blazer in different colors, i would like to ask where do you usually buy them? Its so cute and preppy. More power. :) -danica

                Aww so sweet! <3 thank you so much!! I got it in Hong Kong! :D 


12. chinalmazan asked you:

ate verniece is your hair permed? By the way, I miss you. :) im a skater too. :) we skate together at SM Southmall last Skate Manila, you were praticing with Coach Al. :)

              Really? Aww i miss skating! :D 


13. Anonymous asked you:

Ate Verniece, ano po school mo? course and year? :)

              Lasalle Benilde po. First year, Multimedia Arts :D 


14. belliekitkat21 asked you:

Hi ate Verniece, how do you curl your hair?

              Iron :D 


15. Anonymous asked you:

Where’d you buy your pink dress? The one you wore on Avril’s concert? Thanks! You’re so pretty! :>

              I got it in the Ramp! aww thank you so much!!! <3 

School Girl Part 2 

This is what I wore to school yesterday, hope you like it :D 

please design my tumblr header <3 here are the details http://vernieceenciso.tumblr.com/post/18306752741/wanted-header#disqus_thread :) 


Here are the first 10 lovely people who sent me the cute cute headers! I’ll be posting the others later or tomorrow. I all love them! Thank you so so much!!!!!! <3

I’ll be choosing by the end of March. So you can still join! I’ll be adding more prizes on sunday :) Here are the details:


1. Shebel Marie Agrimano

2. Monique Galang

3. Ahlexia Luna

4. Ciara Bitonga

4. Isabelle Dagmang

5. Jenina Piedad

6. Vielka Villanueva

7. Charry Reyes

8. Debby Claire

9. Maggie Silvestre

10. May Tuldanes

Gold Glitter Shoes

Necklace: THINGS THAT MATTER (http://www.facebook.com/ShopThingsThatMatter)

Earrings: PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com.ph

Shoes: CHICKFLICK (www.chickflick.com.ph

Pink Leather Jacket

Necklace: BUBBLES (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bubbles/171346199545562)

And please help me have a cute tumblr header <3 here are the details http://vernieceenciso.tumblr.com/post/18306752741/wanted-header#disqus_thread :) 

SM Accessories

Necklace: THINGS THAT MATTER (http://www.facebook.com/ShopThingsThatMatter)

Shoes: People Are People 

with my sister Vern (www.vernenciso.com

Thank you so much SM Accessories <3 

Wanted: Header

As you can see I still don’t have a header :( I don’t know how to use photoshop so please please help me? :( I want something girly pink white! :D

Send them here:




You can win these! :)

a bag from CHICK FLICK (www.chickflick.com.ph)

accessories from PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com)

necklaces from FREESTYLE NECKLACES (http://www.facebook.com/FreestyleNecklaces)

Detachable Collar from BUBBLES (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bubbles/171346199545562)

I hope you join! Thank you so so much!!!! <3 I’ll post all of what you sent me next time :D 

Pink Teena Dress

Dress: THANK YOU SO MUCH HOUSE OF MANILA (www.houseofmanila.multiply.com)  

Ring: Things that matter (http://www.facebook.com/ShopThingsThatMatter)


Started January 1, 2012 Web Counter

Email me: Verniece@yahoo.com or verniece_enciso@yahoo.com

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