Havaianas at 50 

Clutch: ALT MANILA (https://www.facebook.com/altmanila)

Thank you so so much Havaianas for my new cute pink pair of flipflops! Happy 50th HAVAIANAS! <3 

Follow me on Instagram? verniecenciso <3 

Cream Tutu Dress

Dress: SOUL LIFESTYLE (http://soulifestyle.multiply.com/(http://www.facebook.com/SOULLifestyle)

Bangles: PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com.ph)

Shoes: Call It Spring 

Candy Style Awards

What I wore to Candy Style Awards! Hope you like it! <3

It was really nice meeting you all candygirls! you were all so sweet! here are some photos i saw from your tweets, twitter and your photos, facebook! I’ll add more later :D Thank you so much again candygirls! <3

My First Billboard, SOUL LIFESTYLE

Me and my sister (www.vernenciso.com) are so so very happy to say that we’ll be in a billboard!!! Thank you so so much SOUL LIFESTYLE (http://soulifestyle.multiply.com/(http://www.facebook.com/SOULLifestyle) Mimi Tupas and Tito Jun Tupas! <3 We are very grateful and thankful! It was always a dream to have one and it finally came true! Thank you so much! <3 

It’s now out in Davao!!!! <3 

Skater Girl: Black and White

Skates: SP TERI



Photos by: Nicey Arafiles (www.niceyarafiles.com)

Sweet Purple

Headband: PINKBOX (www.pinkbox.com.ph

Blue Summer

Me and my sister, SOUL SISTERS for SOUL LIFESTYLE <3



Filmed/Directed by Aidx Paredes
Photographed by Jun Tupas and James Bautista
Styled by Mimi Tupas and Farrah Garcia

Thank you so so much SOUL for giving us this opportunity. We super love Davao and you all! <3 Hope to be back there very soon! SOUL SISTER SOUL LIFESTYLE <3

Watch out for the SOUL LIFESTYLE Billboard very soon! 

Cebu Family Time

Some photos with my family! Hope you like it! <3 

Cebu Day 1 

Necklace: MEL COLLECTION (http://www.facebook.com/melcollection)

My sister, Vern(www.vernenciso.com)’s ROXY video! Check out her window display in Robinson’s Manila ROXY store! <3 

Roxy Window VideoShoot

Some BTS pictures from the videoshoot we did yesterday for Vern’s (www.vernenciso.com) Roxy Window Display! Visit Roxy Store in Robinson Manila to see her window display! Taken by the great Bjorn Bedayo :)

These were all taken from my phone and edited in Instagram app!

Do you have instagram too? Follow me! verniecenciso :D

Black and White Floral

What I wore to a make up brand photoshoot! Will post the actual photos and details when it’s out! Hope you like it <3 

Shoes: So Fab

Started using instagram last sunday! Do you have too? Follow me! verniecenciso :D

with my sister Vern (www.vernenciso.com)

Skater Girl: Red and Black

Skates: SP TERI



Photos by: Nicey Arafiles (www.niceyarafiles.com


Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3

1. angbatangmaldita asked you:
Hi! :”) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EXISTING! Haha! I just want to say that I LOVE checking out your blog, most especially your outfit posts. It’s superb. We have the similar style and I’m a sucker for ribbons too! Oh, and I think you’re a walking, breathing Barbie doll. Your beauty if effortless. And it seems that you’re a nice person too! I’d love to meet you someday! Thanks for inspiring girls like me! xx (Thank you for noticing my tweets about you! I’m @littlemissh0ney if you remember!)

Hi! :) Wow you’re the sweetest! thank you so so much! <3 <3 

2. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Ms. Verniece. Magkano po ang JRP classes para sa English class? I would like to enroll po sana kaso di nklagay sa website nila yung price. Thank you so much and you are very pretty. You’re like a doll! :)

Here’s JRP site: http://www.johnrobertpowers.ph/ Awww, thank you so so much :D

3. Anonymous asked you:

Do you reply regularly to messages sent to your facebook?

yes, especially when they’re important!:D

4. Anonymous asked you:

you have such cute eyelashes. did you have it permed?

thank you so much! No :D

5. Anonymous asked you:

Hey verniece! Why aren’t you giving away stuffs like your sister? And, what was your first ever sponsor for skating?

hi! :) I don’t do giveaways :( SM :D

6. angel-olaivarasked you:

Hello beautiful. just wanna ask. I’m gonna sing this Saturday. Gusto kong mag-dress, yung casual lang. Pero antaba ko, tapos 5ft lang ako. Okay lang ba na dress tapos gusto kong mag-blazer, laki ng braso ko eh. Hehehe Ano po masa-suggest mo? Thank you… And I really like you. Ganda-ganda mo. <3

Hi! :D aww salamat!! <3 you can wear dress then blazer! don’t be shy! :) 

7. Anonymous asked you:

What is your shoe size?

7 :)

8. ladyguavaasked you:

Is your hair naturally curly, or did you have a digital perm or something??

Hi! It’s digital permed :) 

9. dropdengorgeousasked you:

:) are you younger or older than vernica?:)and is she in csb too?:)

Hi! :) I’m younger :) She studies in DLSU :) 

10. Anonymous asked you:

Hey! Where was your Pink Roses photos taken? It looks so modern.

Fort Bonifacio! :)

11. Anonymous asked you:

Hey Verniece! I’ve seen your answer for question #14 in you 11th set of questions answered. Your maid must be a good photographer! Haha! :D

Yes she is! haha! :) 

12. Anonymous asked you:

Would you give away one of your old skating shoes if someone who really adores skating asks for it?

No :( i’ll try to keep it til i’m old haha:) 

13. Anonymous asked you:

How tall are you? ;)

5’3 only :( 

14. Anonymous asked you:

Hi po! :) Your so pretty naman po. ^_^ Uhmm.. Doesn’t your feet hurt when you wear heels? or you bring flats with you?

Hi! Thank you so much :D Always bring flats with me! :D 

15. Anonymous asked you:

Hi Vernice, you’ve got beautiful skin - almost porcelain like. What make up do you use? And what’s your skin care regimen? -Cel

Thank you so much!:D MAC! :D 

16. Anonymous asked you:

Ate verniece what’s the difference between a formal and party dress? You attended JRP po diba? cause we need to bring 3 sets of clothes casual, formal & Party dress? what kind of clothes should i Bring? please answer ate Verniece THANK YOU! you are so pretty po!=))))

Formal, you can wear a dress or blouse & skirt with a blazer. Party dress, a dress would do! :D Thank you so so much <3 :D 

17. Anonymous asked you:

Hi, Miss Verniece! Why don’t you make your own site? Like your sister’s. Stay pretty and nice!:) God Speed!!<3

I will soon! Thank you so much <3 <# 

18. Anonymous asked you:

Ate Verniece, San po ang store ng Soul lifestyle? Wanna buy some Dresses. :>

http://soulifestyle.multiply.com/ :D 

19. Anonymous asked you:

Anong kind po ng Cetaphil? :> Haha. Stay Pretty.

Skin cleanser. Thank you so much :D

20. jhaizzaaa asked you:

Hi Ate Verniece! You’re super duper pretty,adorable,lovely,gorgeous! I’m a super duper fan of yours.

Hi! wow you’re super duper sweeeeeet!!! <3 thank you so much:D

21. Anonymous asked you:

Hi ate verniece! I just wanna ask, what is the soap that you’re using? Because you really have a beautiful skin. ;)) -Dorin Patricia

Thank you so much:D Cetaphil! :) 

22. borderlessflight asked you:

Hi Miss Verniece :) do you plan on being an artista someday? I think I saw you in some scenes of Mamarazzi kasi e :)) take care and stay eautiful. <3

Aww so sweet! thank you so much :D 

23. qwertyuandiloveyou asked you:

I love your outfits! <3 Can I ask, what brand can I buy some cute flats? :))) Thanks xx

Thank you so much! <3 Most of my flats are from Topshop:D


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